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Zombie Army 4: Review (In Progress)

Zombie Army 4 is the latest release from Rebellion that takes place during WW:II and has you fighting against hordes of Nazi Zombies. It has all the features that you love from past Rebellion games like lots of bullets, gore, enemies, explosions, and my favorite mechanic empty lungs. Rebellion has a magical touch. They’ve been able to create something that has all the slapstick horror humor and combine it into a zombie game.

What makes this game unique, is that it doesn’t just feel like another zombie game. It has charm to it. The environment and setting really make it feel like a game that takes place in World War II. Not all zombies in this game are the same either! Even in the very first level there are already a variety of zombies with different weapons and abilities. 

…And every time I have had my back against the wall I find myself doing exciting take down moves with my knife or my trench gun. When I need ammo or resources in the middle of battle an enemy zombie lying on the ground is only a stomp away from providing those resources. The conversations between your character and the hordes of the undead add the perfect touch that sets this game apart from others.


I have found the movement of my character to be fluid and responsive which comes in handy when you are trying to move around the hordes of the undead while backing out of a corner. I have had no issues with hip fire or aiming down sights and found that swapping weapons was easy and manageable. Placing down mines is as simple as throwing a frag grenade.

I have had no issues moving, running or climbing any platforms. The only hard lesson here is if you see a fire pit on the ground don’t walk into it. I’ve accidentally done that once or twice but hey that’s on me. You aren’t supposed to be able to walk through flames anyway.


I am enjoying the hopeless feeling of despair in this slapstick horror horde fest. I find that the lighting and tone set the mood but we all know what’s extremely exciting. The explosive factor given to random tanks lying around. The massive burst of destruction once fired upon feel relieving as you watch the zombies meet their doom.

The backdrop tone is set perfect for this style of game.

You know what else is really neat? Other interactable objects that when activated motorize blades of death from sitting propellers or electricity inducing floor currents. That’s why I love this game. There’s more than one straight way to kill a zombie and it’s fun every damn time.   

Upgrades and Perks

As I get further through the game I will have to revisit this section. In my initial play through so far I haven’t been able to upgrade much. I like that this ability is here as it gives you something to work towards and adds to your weapons. There are also perks that add to your character’s ability but I haven’t progressed far enough there to see much of an impact.

Thoughts so far

Zombie Army 4 is a fun game to pick up and go. It’s fun solo but will probably be a lot more fun with friends. Think of slapstick humor, horror and hordes of Zombies combined together to provide endless hours of fun. You’ll laugh at your character’s speech and get excited as you pass through each level.

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