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Twitch Prime is now Prime Gaming

Amazon has re-branded the Twitch Prime program into Prime Gaming. For now there is not much change. You will still get all the gaming benefits as you did before with Twitch Prime but one notable difference according to the email release is that Twitch Streamers will get paid “exactly like any other subscription” when Prime members use their free Twitch channel subscription.

Even Bigger Content Drops

At the end of the email it says “even bigger game content drops, and opportunities ahead.” I think that this re-branding means a change of strategy for Amazon. With xCloud launching shortly it would make sense for Amazon to try and launch something similar.

Prime Gaming Email

Could this be the next Cloud Service?

I believe that Prime Gaming will eventually launch into a cloud streaming service with different tiers being a paid service and a free service. I would hope that all the previous free Twitch Prime games collected will be free to play but you would be able to purchase DLC and other games to add. It would be even better if the service itself was bundled free with an Amazon Prime subscription.

This is all speculation though as I think this is where the future is headed and Microsoft’s biggest competition is Amazon, Google, and Apple.

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