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The Cloud is the future of Gaming

When I think about the future of gaming I think about now. Everything that Xbox has done has already prepared us for the future. This whole leap into next generation has introduced us early to things like backwards compatibility, cloud streaming and Xbox Game Pass. Even competition like Google Stadia and Amazon Luna is headed this way, except all in the cloud.


Playstation has tried with PSNow and even lowered the price to try and compete with Xbox Game Pass. Although the services have unique differences it is similar in idea. PSNow allows you to play hundreds of Playstation games through a streaming service on the PS4 console and PC with some games allowing the option to download to help avoid latency issues.

Xbox Game Pass gives you the option to download any of the games in the service on your console without any hassles creating an enviorment with no latency issues. Same with Xbox Game Pass on PC. Xbox Cloud gives you the ability to play anywhere you can connect a device to the service which is significant. It opens the Xbox ecosystem to a larger consumer base that might not have access to getting an Xbox console or maybe they are always on the go.
In a recent interview we did with Tommy Tallarico (CEO of Intellivision, Creator of Video Games Live, Musician and Composer) he pointed to the fact that mobile gamers are a 3 billion market.

Having Xbox Cloud on an app on Android devices like your cell phone is huge. Furthermore, Xbox is working on creating a Game Pass app for iOS users that will allow them to play via a browser. This truly creates endless possibilities for the future of Xbox and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Next Generation of Gamers are here

The next generation of gamers are already here. They are our children, adolescents and young adults. Long gone are the days of playing with plastic figures like GI. Joe or Transformers. Now a days it is more common to see kids on their parents cell phones playing games or watching YouTube. We are in a generation of impulse and wanting things as fast as possible. Information and gaming are at the touch of our fingers, literally speaking on mobile devices. This is why Xbox Cloud will be extremely successful.

Xbox Ecosystem

Xbox is a combined ecosystem of services that can be played on various devices and hardware. The hardcore audience may always want a console but now casuals can play anywhere they are. This generation is the perfect generation to see this come to fruition. They stream music on services like Spotify, watch videos on services like Netflix, communicate via Skype and Facetime and expect instant on. Now all they have to do is load an app, go to the cloud option and instantly load a game. No getting up to put physical media in.

Image Source: Xbox News Wire

PC gaming has already been headed this way. We have seen this with Steam and the Epic Games Store. Everything can be downloaded over fast internet connections and with Microsoft’s CEO Satya’s committment to helping 5G telecommunication companies the Xbox Cloud will be even faster.
Whether you choose Stadia, Luna, PSNow or Xbox Cloud for your go to streaming service you are now part of the cloud ecosystem. Stadia, Luna, PSNow all have work to do to catch up to Xbox Cloud Gaming. At the end of the day just enjoy games no matter where you play them. Gaming is a positive outlet to connect with friends and family while having fun.


I do have a prediction that Amazon Luna will incorporate the free Prime Gaming monthly games into their service somehow and I think Luna is on the path right behind Xbox Cloud Gaming as they have the infrastructure and resources to be competitive. I think Stadia itself will have a very slow climb and lucky if they don’t fail and have to rebrand themselves but I do not think Google will give up as it’s a significant part of the market going forward. PSNow may stay where they are at until they have a solid partnership in the cloud.

Image Source: Amazon Luna

“Roads? Where are are going we don’t need roads”. – DOC Back to the Future

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