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Halo Wars 2 In Progress Review

Halo Wars 2 is the much needed solution for an RTS on a console platform. It has been so long since we’ve seen a really good one. In Fact the last RTS I have played was Command & Conquer on the PC and wow I am impressed with Halo Wars 2. The first experience I have everytime I boot it up is a very fluid and detailed menu. The background art is nothing short of amazing with detailed textures that predict the epic battle that awaits. The musical score is  comparable to what Hollywood puts in the movies.

The campaign is 12 missions long and even with having to redo some of them with a different strategy I was able to beat it within about 7 hours. From a typical RTS standpoint I wish it was a little bit longer. The campaign will take you through different scenarios with each one playing out differently. You will need to meet objectives such as building bases or advancing into enemy territory while destroying what the brutes throw at you. Your strategies will change with each progression into the campaign. At some points you will be able to level up your bases and level up the base addons. You can even upgrade your marines and vehicles.

No matter which strategy you use to beat the campaign you will need to build up generators and supply pads which be upgraded. These will allow you to add more troops and vehicles in your defense or offense. You can protect the bases by adding turrets which can be upgraded to anti-vehicle, anti-infantry and anti-air. It is very crucial to your missions success that you are ready to defend against a mixed set of attacks from the ground and air. At times everything will seem like a juggling act but trust me it is all worth it when you are blown away by cutscenes that are mesmerizing. The cutscenes are so well done and realistic it feels like I am watching Halo Wars 2 the movie.

Just like other Halo games there are collectibles. In Halo Wars 2 you can pick up Phoenix Logs which give you detailed information into the story and everyone’s favorite – Skulls. By using skulls you can alter the way you play through the campaign. It can make it challenging, easier or humorous. Keep in mind that it may affect your ability to earn points.

Even though I haven’t been able to experience the full multiplayer yet I am in love with Blitz. During the review process I was able to play Blitz PvE Firefight and it is fun!. I do wish more maps were included in the launch but that doesn’t take away from the experience of fighting your way through hordes of enemies. What truly makes this great for me is that I can create a deck, choose to be one of the UNSC or Brute leaders, and set up a strategy between the different zones to hold A, B or C. I have played this on solo and in co-op but I can never get enough.

I will add more to this review when I have experience playing Blitz PvP and other modes in the multiplayer. However I am impressed with the campaign, the cinematics and Blitz Firefight. Be sure to check back as screenshots will be added soon.

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