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Grounded has Over 1 Million Players

Grounded just released into Game Preview in Xbox Game Pass and PC (Steam Early Access) and already passed over 1 Million Players in the first 2 days of being available. This is a massive success for Obsidian’s new game. Obsidian will continue to update and fix to make sure that you have the best experience possible. Monthly delivery of game updates will being August 27th.

Grounded can be played as a single player or co-op experience with 4 different characters available. Players can choose from Max, Pete, Willow or Hoops. The game lets players explore a suburban backyard while being the size of an ant. You will face many challenges, acquire resources and try to survive the dangers that lurk on the ground.

If fear of spiders has prevented you from playing, fear no longer as Obsidian has included an Arachnophobia mode to help ease your concerns. We hope to see you in the backyard.


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