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Gone but not forgotten, Xbox Addict

This has been one of the hardest weeks for many of us in the gaming community. We all lost a very positive and outgoing member Xbox Addict (Matt). Everyday I would log on to twitter and I would see what he was up too. He always had something positive to say, showing something new to his collection or just randomly doing giveaways to help out others. No matter what difficulties or obstacles Matt had to face on a daily basis he never let it define him or stop him from what he wanted to accomplish.

Prior to the launch of Sea of Thieves, Xbox Addict and The Xbox Pope (Tom) teamed up together to create a legendary book that included a custom Xbox One controller and some gold coins. In honor of this Rare added an easter egg into the game in a cave on Smuggler’s Bay. It was the book with their handles laying neatly next to a skeleton. After Matt’s passing Rare changed the easter egg by removing the skeleton and adding candles around the book.


Later Today at 3 PM PDT, Xbox will be doing a special stream on in honor of him. I Think Aaron Greenberg said it best “Gone, but not forgotten.”


There has been a Gofundme fund set up to help with expenses. You can donate at

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