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D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die


David Young, a private detective, has only one case on his mind.  Who killed his wife? He knows he was there when his wife was murdered, but has no memories of the incident, except the last words she said to him – “Look for D.”

D4 shows another way of solving crime through time travel. In order to travel through space and time a memento from the case has to be within his grasp.  When David goes back in time he is corporeal, meaning he has the chance to go back in time to find and stop the the killer who murdered his own wife and change the future altogether.

Access Games took an approach to this game I’ve only seen in a small selection of games. They took the game and made into a small TV series, which they did a great job with.  They hook you in at the end, making you wonder what is going to happen next! Then the credits roll, giving you a few seconds to recollect your thoughts and think – what just happened?If you’re a fan of the Telltale Games The Walking Dead style gameplay, this game is perfect for you.  You have to look around and interact with a cast of mysterious characters, trying to grab intel on the people who could possibly have a link into the murder of David’s wife.  If the gameplay seems boring just wait – there’s stuff for everyone.


You have two different control options to choose from – use the Kinect (motion controls) or just use the Xbox One controller.  Since my Kinect has no area that is great for gaming use, I was stuck using the controller.  In scenes where there are fast-paced movements, controls show up on the screen to move the indicated joystick one way hit different buttons in a small amount of time.

The controls I found a bit difficult to understand. It took me a while to get used to the controls. For some actions there were two different buttons you could hit, which got me confused a few times.

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die is a must-have for any mystery fanatic Xbox One owner.  At times you feel like you’re actually in the game itself.  The game is a little bit on the short side: about 4-5 hours. The game ends in a great way.  I’m not going to ruin the ending for anyone, but it leaves you waiting for the next game.  Well just wait for season 2 to see the rest of the story unfold in front of your eyes.  That said, this game – with its great story, good gameplay mechanics, but flawed controls

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