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Battletoads Review

When Rare chose Dlala Studios to develop Battletoads they chose the best studio. Dlala has crafted a work of art and modernized Battletoads in a family friendly fun manner. It is the perfect gem for Game Pass and just what the service needed to keep it fresh. Battletoads is one of the most beloved Rare games from the NES/Genesis era and its been freshened up to survive amongst the games of today.

Interview with Aj from Dlala Studios

Saturday Morning Fun

Battletoads is a very unique game. It is a Saturday morning cartoon with an interesting story, voiced by an amazing cast such as Siobhan Hewlett as the Dark Queen and has a fantastic score. The animation reminds me of a style similar to Teen Titans Go!, but carries a friendly version of Cartoon Network style humor. Some of the writing was done by the amazing Kelsy Abbott.

Interview with Siobhan Hewlett

The story starts out that the toads wake up and realize they have been living in a virtual reality of fame for the last 26 years. The toads wake up and try to fit into society in normal boring every day jobs. It’s not long before you start to get into the action. The combat is basic beat’em up style but its fun. Kicks and punches lead into oversized large animations and same with the power moves.

Everyone remembers the famous sewer bike from the original Battletoads but it has been re-done with a lot of love and passion in a way that won’t get you frustrated. It turns into a 3 lane obstacle course allowing you to dodge objects in the middle, left or right. This time when you die another toad automatically pops in to take the place and continue on the course.

Interview with Kelsy Abbott

Unique Level Design

Battletoads features tag in options and if a toad falls in battle another toad will drop in and take over. I really love this. It makes the game fun and not difficult to the point you would normally give up. I think we have all become accustomed to games with unlimited tries or save points and Dlala did a fantastic job with this.
The levels are very unique. Some levels are Beat’em up levels that will remind you of Streets of Rage, boss fight levels, a bob sled style level, to a space shooter in outer space. In between these levels are QTA button levels to a platformer on the search for inner peace. I found Act 4, Stage 1: Gut Reaction difficult without invincibility when trying to fall down avoiding spikes. I had to turn on invincibility here.

One stage that really sticks out is Act 3, Stage 8: Emergency Stations! I really loved how creative this was. It is a bunch of mini-games all in one and limited by time to try and complete so many before you can move on. If you have Game Pass Ultimate and have not played Battletoads I recommend you check it out today.

Final Thoughts

Dlala did a fantastic job and got top notch talent together to make this masterpiece. I would love to see more sequels and cross overs with Battletoads going forward with the Dlala Studios touch. As a big fan of Rare and Battletoads this is one of my favorite Game Pass games I have played this year.

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