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    DC’s Justice League Cosmic Chaos Review (Xbox X/S)




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    DC’s Justice League Cosmic Chaos is a mind-blowing action-packed dungeon crawling adventure. We see our heroes in Happy Harbor, a small quaint town, when Mister Mxyzptlk and Starro show up to disrupt their day and turn things upside down. Unfortunately for the Justice League, most members come under the control of Starro while Mister Mxyzptlk gets to work installing himself as the mayor. 

    The happy-go-lucky feelings fade as Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman realize they need to free their friends from mind control and get rid of Mister Mxyzptlk. Things quickly get complicated when hordes of enemy fish gang up on our favorite superheroes. Once they get back to their super secret headquarters, Cyborg fills them in on what’s happening around Happy Harbor.

    Courtesy of Outright Games/PHL Collective

    What Makes this game Great? 

    Let’s talk about why this game is fun. DC’s Justice League Cosmic Chaos is a fan’s dream come true. Outright Games has done a fantastic job of making you feel like you are playing a living, breathing Saturday Morning Cartoon. The animation in the game is smooth and fluid. The writing is perfect. It is written so well that DC fans and children can hop right in and enjoy.

    The jokes are funny, and the heroes interact with each other with dialogue throughout the whole game. Honestly, you never feel lonely not even for a moment. The dialogue is very engaging and unforgettable. 

    We all know that voice acting can make or break a game. The voice acting in DC’s Justice League Cosmic Chaos is phenomenal. It shines so well and matches the game’s writing. The tone of the characters feels right for a comic book game. With the perfect amount of infliction and emotion. 

    The mood of the characters is portrayed accurately and well throughout the writing and voice acting. 

    The Combat is a bit repetitive but is child friendly

    This game has the basic combat of attacking and dodging mixed in with the superhero’s special abilities. Just like the comic books you see Batman throwing Batarangs, Superman damaging enemies with heat vision, and Wonder Woman using her golden lasso. 

    The combat is friendly to anyone playing the game for the first time. Using repetitive actions you can defeat your enemies quickly. Being able to avoid heavy hits is key to winning every fight. Outright games made it easy to switch between heroes in mid-fight. 

    The areas in the game tell you the level of the enemies you expect to fight. A fun part of this is that some of these areas are mini-dungeons that are not overbearing for children to play. They are easy to navigate, conquer and get back to Happy Harbor. 

    Courtesy of Outright Games/PHL Collective

     How do the skills and cosmetics work?

    Like with most games, abilities unlock as you level up. You don’t have to concentrate on this. The game naturally progresses in a way that makes unlocking and leveling skills simple. It will keep fans and children engaged. It makes the game very enjoyable. One less thing to think about.

    It pays to search around looking for comics. Comics allow you to unlock different character costumes. The covers are very nostalgic and add a flair for comic fans. 

    Outright Games/PHL Collective

    Artifacts are items you can find or buy and they are not locked to any specific character. You can choose which artifact to equip for your heroes. Artifacts enhance your abilities by changing the types of elemental damage you dish out while some will increase your health. There is never a dull moment in Happy Harbor.

    Final Thoughts

    Outright Games created a fantastic game for fans and children that can be played with families. The humor is child friendly and resonates with any fan familiar with the characters. DC’s Justice League Cosmic Chaos is easier than any Lego game I have ever played. The in-between cut scenes with animation look astonishing and take this game to another level.

    Courtesy of Outright Games/PHL Collective

    We give DC’s Justice League Cosmic Chaos a rating of 8 out of 10. We feel it hits all the marks that it is supposed to while staying family-friendly with its humor and writing. The voice acting is icing on the cake for this fun-loving cartoon take on DC’s Justice League.



    DC's Justice League Cosmic Chaos is the perfect game to sit back and play with the family. DC’s Justice League Cosmic Chaos Review (Xbox X/S)
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