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4GwQPodcast Ep137 – FarCry 5 Reveal, Arms Test Punch, Rare Hires for SoT?, Friday the 13th

In Episode 137, the 4GwQ crew takes down some of the hottest (and weirdest) gaming topics of the week. These include (in no specific order for this episode):

– FarCry 5 was revealed last Friday (right after our show, of course), and we got a bunch of new details about the story and gameplay. Are we encouraged and excited for this game, or do we think it’ll fall flat and be pegged as “just another FarCry game?” Do we think this will revitalize the franchise?
– Arms Test Punch on Nintendo Switch just concluded its first weekend, and Inferno got to spend a TON of time with it! What does he think from his experience playing hands-on, and has it improved from PAX East? Does the panel think that this is a new Nintendo IP that has a lot of potential, or is there not enough content for this to stick around with gamers?
– Rare has apparently put out a fancy job advertisement for positions on the Sea of Thieves team. Does this essentially guarantee that it will launch in 2018? Are we disappointed in this news, or encouraged because of its current state in closed testing?
– Both Pyre and Sonic Mania – two BIG indie launches for 2017 – have finally gotten release dates. We discuss the hype for those, and some questions about the future of their respective development/publishing companies on all platforms.
– Friday the 13th is finally out for Xbox, PS4, and PC – and it is littered with problems right from launch. Many people (though mostly Xbox One gamers, it seems) have had trouble getting into matches and keeping stable connections to a game party. Also, gamers have complained about clipping issues when hiding and certain aspects of the game just being straight-up buggy. We discuss the future of the game, especially whether it’ll follow the same path as a comparable title, Evolve.
– And of course, as we do every week, we talk about the “Weird News of the Week!” This week we have two topics that I’m sure the audience will enjoy and opine about.

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