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Watch the Belgium Flamish Stream Deep Rock Galactic (4GqTV)

Welcome to the first 4GqTV Game Stream.

Today Flamish is streaming Deep Rock Galactic at 4 PM EST.

Schedule for 4GqTV:
Monday: Game Time with Flamish
Tuesday: Game Time with Clownz
: 4 Guys with Quarters Podcast at 5 PM EST
W-F : 4GqTV News (1 hour daily show)
Weekends: TBD

Follow Flamish here:

Follow Clownz here:

4 Guys with Quarters Podcast Panel:
Midway Monster:


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4GqTV has a weekly podcast called 4 Guys with Quarters every Tuesday at 5 PM EST where we discuss the latest gaming news, reviews and interviews within the industry.

4GqTV also has a news show called 4GqTV news where you get all the news in a quarter of your time! We try to do this in a fun light hearted manner in an hour or less.

We discuss all things gaming on this channel from Let’s Plays, to Reviews, Articles, about Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch and PC.


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