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4GwQPodcast Special Episode – Pokemon GO!

This was the introduction into possibly a new series on 4GuysWithQuarters – Pokemon GO Episode 1!

Featured on the panel on this episode:

Twitch: ZebbraFries
Twitter: @ZebbraFries
Xbox: ZebbraFries

Twitter: @CaptainZazzma
Xbox: Zazz

Twitch: Italianclownz / 4GuysWithQuarters
Twitter: @Italianclownz
Xbox: Clownz
PSN: Italian_Clownz

ZPCI Assassin:
Twitch: ZPCI_Assassin / 4GuysWithQuarters
Twitter: @ZPCI_Assassin
Xbox: ZPCI Assassin

Twitch: Inferno217 / 4GuysWithQuarters
Twitter: @_Inferno217_
Xbox: Inferno217
PSN: Ferny217

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