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4GwQPodcast Ep205 – MK11, Major Anthem Features Delayed, New CoD Tested by Celebrities?

An official “The Inner Circle” affiliate podcast.

Topics for Ep205 (perhaps in no order…):

1.) Mortal Kombat 11 has finally released, and we discuss our thoughts on the game, including the fanfare behind it. We also talk about the popular Switch version, everything from graphics quality to control/playability.

2.) BioWare is trying to recover from the Anthem controversy from when it released earlier this year, talking recently about its latest big patch fixing most of the remaining major bugs that gamers complained about. However, many of the biggest scheduled features for the game’s “First Act” have been delayed, including the Cataclysm! We discuss how this game could possibly recover, especially when The Division 2 seems to be doing everything right!

3.) Why is Activision seemingly allowing famous athletes and celebrities play the next Call of Duty before it lets major outlets/influencers try the game and hype it up?

4.) World War Z (the game) has sold 1 million copies in it’s first week, with about 25% of those sales coming from the Epic Store! Does this prove that gamers are ready for a new entry or successor to the iconic Left 4 Dead series?

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