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4GwQPodcast Ep203 – Sea of Thieves Gets it Right, April Game Pass Adds, Is Switch Mini a Good Idea?

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Topics for Ep203 (in no particular order):

1.) We talked a bit about Borderlands GOTY last week, but now that we’ve had a chance to play it a bunch, we give our overall thoughts on the improvements, and whether or not we recommend it for the $30 price tag.

2.) Rare just announced a big update, dubbed the Anniversary Update, for Sea of Thieves. We got some more details on the Arena mode as well as a surprising addition of true story content (with cut scenes, puzzles, and voice-acted dialogue)! All of this is coming at the end of this month!

3.) With even more evidence pointing to two new Switch models/SKUs coming out this year at some point, we debate whether or not releasing a Switch Mini, essentially a replacement for the 3DS, is a good idea in 2019.

4.) April’s Game Pass games for Xbox One have been announced – are we surprised by any of the AAA additions (especially Monster Hunter World)?

5.) Jason Schreier is at it again, producing another article for Kotaku about the state of BioWare – this time discussing the development of Dragon Age 4. We give our thoughts, and discuss whether or not this offers more evidence that BioWare is in trouble as an entire studio.

6.) Playstation Network finally allows the changing of online ID (aka gamer tag), but with a few caveats. Is it worth it to change a name if you could possibly lose trophy progress or saved game data?

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