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4GwQPodcast Ep201 – Division 2, Google Stadia, Halo MCC to PC, Apex Legends Season 1 Begins

An official “The Inner Circle” affiliate podcast.

Our 4th Chair for this episode is filled by one of the biggest Division fans we know – Predator H20s! We can’t thank him enough for joining us on the first podcast we are recording after the official Division 2 release! You can find him here:


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Topics for Ep201 (in no particular order):

1.) The Division 2 – our thoughts/predictions, along with our perceived value of the $40 Year-1 Pass
2.) Google unveiled its cloud gaming competitor in the home gaming market – Google Stadia! We discuss the reveal, the technology, the games, and more!
3.) Apex Legends launched its first “season” this week, and with that it’s first Battle Pass – Wild Frontier. Are one character and some cosmetic unlockables worth the $10 price tag, especially considering that Apex is a first-person shooter where you can’t see yourself as you can in some competing Battle Royale games? We discuss if the new content and patches to the game are enough to get us back into it full-time.
4.) Halo Master Chief Collection is officially coming to PC, and it’ll see a release on both Windows Store and Steam. With many popular games being launched on Epic Games Store recently, is this a significant move that Steam will be getting a release instead? Are we upset that the game is not included in the Play Anywhere program, meaning that current owners or Game Pass subscribers would need to purchase the games separately?

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