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4GwQPodcast Ep197 – Apex Legends, OpenCritic Flags Microtransactions, Xbox Live on Switch, + More!

This week our 4th Chair is filled by Rick Lagnese, community manager and public relations front man for WarHorse Studios! We catch up with him just before the 1-year anniversary of WarHorse’s successful RPG release, Kingdom Come Deliverance, and just after the launch of the game’s latest DLC, Band of Bastards! So the take-home message here is: the man may be just a bit tired, but we appreciate him making some time to be with us!

Topics for Ep197 (in no particular order):

1.) Apex Legends, the new Battle Royale game that came out of nowhere from Respawn, released essentially the same day it was announced! However, it seems that Titanfall 3 was scrapped – for now – in order to work on this game!
2.) Xbox Live is coming to more platforms, and that includes Nintendo Switch! We expect an official full announcement at GDC, but for now, we give our impressions on what this could mean for both gamers and developers.
3.) OpenCritic, the newer well respected alternative to Metacritic, has decided to flag games with microtransactions on their site. They will use 3 criteria to identify microtransactions in games and define how dependent the game’s mechanics and playstyle are on them.
4.) Why are we still getting remasters of very old games? Are gamers still excited for these? Why do companies still think it is worthwhile to remaster games this late in the console cycle? Should we feel differently when remasters are offered for free or as part of a season pass for a current sequel?

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