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4GwQPodcast Ep191 – PS Classic Sucks, Pre-Game Awards Leaks, BFV “Firesale” + More!

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This week’s 4th Chair…will be empty! Sorry about that! We’ll work on fixing that next week!

Topics for Ep191:

– The long-awaited Playstation Classic, which has been reviewed and criticized for weeks leading up to release, is not impressing gamers the same way that Nintendo’s “Classic” consoles have in the past couple of holiday seasons. We get into all the details and discuss a few reactions we’ve seen in the gaming community/industry.
– In other Sony news, PS Now gets 50 PS4 games added to its streaming service this month. Conveniently not all games were listed in the press release, as Sony decided to focus on the fact that one of the games is For Honor – a solid AAA-quality entry to the library. Spoiler alert: the other games aren’t great at all.
– Geoff Keighley has been hyping the Game Awards 2018 this year (which takes place tonight, by the way) by saying that there are going to be more “announcements.” Of course, in typical internet fashion, we’ve gotten substantiated rumors/leaks, and because there is some weight to them, we give our opinions.
– GameStop talked about their third-quarter sales, and it doesn’t look good for the sinking ship: nearly $500M in losses for the once-unstoppable giant. What’s next for GameStop, and what’s to blame for all of this?
– Battlefield V seems to already be in firesale mode, as there are sales up to 50% almost everywhere, including directly from EA through other Battlefield games. Is this a sign that the game isn’t doing well? What should EA do for fan who at launch barely 2 weeks ago paid full price? Should this simply be a lesson for gamers to not buy games at launch and wait for a deal?

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