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4GwQPodcast Ep188 – RDR2 Impressions, PS Classic Bummer, Industry Longs for Cloud Future

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This week’s 4th Chair will be filled by @JFonzerrelli, a longstanding member of the Twitter gaming community that has been seen on many a podcast and has his own YouTube gaming channel (which can be found here:

Topics for Ep188:

– Red Dead Redemption 2 is FINALLY out, and it is getting some really great reception, but not without controversy. This time, the controversy stems not from employee relations but the fact that the implemented HDR seems to be…fake? We have our guest outlaw JFonzerrelli to guide us through the details of all of this while we give our opinions on the game in general.
– Sony has given us the full lineup for the Playstation Classic and it seems maybe a bit underwhelming. What do you all think? Does this represent a good lineup of PSX classics?
– Some big names in the industry have talked recently about the future of cloud gaming versus traditional living-room platforms and it seems that even the publishers/developers prefer the shift. We’ll definitely get into some debate about this!
– Clownz has been playing the interesting mystery-RPG-like Call of Cthulu (which we received graciously for review – full disclosure) and has some thing to say about it. We’ll talk briefly about this game, and whether we think it is worth the elevated $60 price tag when compared to its $40 Steam counterpart.
– We are entering the “holiday” season for 2018 and some interesting trends show PS4 not slowing up in sales gains but surprisingly the Nintendo Switch is falling a bit back to earth. Do we think this will continue?

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