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4GwQPodcast Ep185 – Project xCloud, Playstation News/Rumors Galore, Borderlands VR

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Another member of @PartyChatPod, Rhys (@DeliciousCheeze), fills our 4th seat this week! Make sure you give him a warm welcome!

Topics for Ep184:

– Microsoft finally announced/teased their new game streaming platform, Project xCloud. What devices do you think this will work with? Do you think we are ready for this at this stage, and do you think this will replace the traditional console sooner rather than later?
– LOTS of Playstation news this week – we’ll make sure to get to most (if not all) of it.
– We’re all hoping for a Borderlands 3 but it seems Gearbox wants to release Borderlands 2 again in a new way – enter Borderlands 2 VR! Is this going to do well, being only (for now) for PSVR and costing $50?
– Nintendo filed a patent earlier this year for a Gameboy case for smartphones, which will be a folding case that allows for playing emulated games using physical controls. Are you interested? Does this mean sanctioned emulators are coming from Nintendo?

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