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4GwQPodcast Ep164 – @PinkSmurph Joins to Discuss Twitch, State of Decay 2 Pricing, Division 2 + More

In Episode 164, the 4GwQ crew is joined by one of our favorite streamers: PinkSmurph! She is a fantastic Twitch streamer that not only knows her games (streams all platforms), but also knows gaming/streaming hardware and how to build a successful brand!

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We ask her a few questions about “streaming life” and get her thoughts on the latest gaming news (see below):

1.) State of Decay 2 releases on both Xbox One and PC for ONLY $30 on May 22! People are outraged over a AAA game being so cheap, and are fearful of the quality because of it. Is this a realistic fear? Do $60 AAA games sell to the PC/streaming crowd or is that maybe why Microsoft is lowering the price?
2.) God of War Special Edition PS4 has been revealed – $399.99 for the special console with the game included! Inferno thinks it’s hideous, but what does everyone else think? Are special-edition consoles even a big deal anymore?
3.) First it was leaked by James Harden of the NBA’s Houston Rockets, but now it is official – the next CoD is Black Ops 4 and releases this October! A little too soon for CoD games? What happened to “going back to boots on the ground” like everyone wanted? Are successes of games like Fortnite shaping the industry back to more outlandish settings?
4.) Ubisoft announced today that The Division 2 is in development! Are you surprised, given how people reacted to the first game? Should they (even though it is almost 2 years old) fix the first game to people’s satisfaction before releasing a second iteration? Haven’t we seen companies make promises before of fixing things based on gamer feedback and then fall flat in execution (I’m looking at you, Destiny!)?
5.) Maybe….some Nintendo Direct talk? We’ll see how we are doing with time!

I’m sure some other things will sneak into the conversation!

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