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4GwQPodcast Ep162 – Sea of Thieves News, Loot Box Bans, Assassin’s Creed: Updates

In Episode 162, the 4GwQ crew discusses the latest gaming news in a remarkably “slow” month of gaming information! Here are tonight’s topics:

– We’ll revisit Monster Hunter World quickly to discuss how Assassin and Clownz are liking it now that they have purchased it.
– Sea of Thieves got a bit of info released now that it is about a month away from being released, and the info is both good and bad. We heard about the mysterious Kraken, but also about plans for microtransactions being introduced sometime down the line (probably 3 months after release).
– Shocker: Hearthstone ISN’T coming to the Switch, when it seems like the “new thing” is to re-release games on the platform for new popularity! Is Nintendo’s delayed roll-out of true multiplayer preventing Blizzard from even considering the extremely popular, uh, handheld?
– Hawaii is looking to put some serious restrictions on the sale of games with loot boxes. This is monumental news, because even though Washington state has announced a bill before Hawaii in the US, Washington’s bill would require the gambling commission to simply discuss whether loot boxes are considered gambling. Instead, Hawaii legislators are already convinced, and are ready to regulate sales in multiple ways.
– Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot told investors in an earning’s call that no new Assassin’s Creed game is on the horizon anytime soon. Instead, the company is looking to support AC: Origins very heavily with continued DLC releases. Is this a smart move by Ubisoft?

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