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4GwQPodcast Ep161 – Everyone LOVES Battle Royale, CEOs Step Down, Twin Galaxies Smackdown

In Episode 161, Inferno returns after a month+ long work hiatus to discuss the latest gaming news. This week we’ll talk about:

– Twin Galaxies laying the SMACKDOWN on big names (Todd Rogers and Billy Mitchell) by calling their long-standing gaming records into question!
– Two big CEOs from Sony and Activision are stepping down: does this suggest turmoil in the gaming industry?
– Overwatch FINALLY receives a 4K patch for Xbox One X, putting it at near-PC level! Also, Overwatch league is getting exceptional e-sports viewership and big names, including owners of high-profile sports teams, are buying in!
– Monster Hunter World and Shadow of the Colossus – are they 2018’s proof that single-player games are far from dead?
– Why is seemingly EVERYONE loving Battle Royale? Even big companies like Take-Two/Rockstar are considering adding this mode into huge upcoming releases (aka Red Dead Redemption 2) and rumors are that well-established shooting franchises are considering tacking it on as well (Halo?).
– Quick thoughts from Inferno about Xbox GamePass providing day-one access to new Microsoft Studios AAA titles – is this bad for their value/sales?

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