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4GwQPodcast Ep136 – Beam now Mixer, Destiny 2, FarCry 5, LawBreakers Fiasco + More!

In Episode 136, the 4GwQ crew takes down some of the hottest (and quirkiest) gaming topics of the week. These include (in no specific order for this episode):

– Beam is now MIXER! Like the change? How about the new features?
– Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal was last week – we now have a chance to briefly talk about it! How do you feel about the cap of 30fps on all consoles?
– FarCry 5 is finally confirmed as being set in Montana, and having a cult theme! Will you be catching the reveal tomorrow (5/26/17)? What do we expect?
– Lawbreakers is now coming to PS4 as a console exclusive! However, CliffyB confirmed in many places that the possibility of it coming to Xbox down the road is certainly real.
– Xbox Game Pass is now available for Xbox Live Gold members! It’ll be available for the remaining gamers on Xbox One starting June 1st! AND there’s a 14-day free trial to see if the games are worth your $10/month. What do we think?
– PSN Month active users just eclipsed 70M as of the end of 2016. Are bigger numbers a threat to Microsoft?
– Red Dead 2 delayed – can anyone be surprised?
– And of course, “Weird News of the Week”

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