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Review: Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 is a whole new concept to me as I have never played any of the other titles in the series. I expected to see a mind blowing Terry Crews all out slug fest with comedic lines but that was delivered slightly different. The game is not just about Terry Crews as Agent Jaxon. Instead it is about a select elite group of agents trying to free the world from a mastermind corporate psychopath who wants to enslave humanity into working for them. Terranova stops at nothing to dominate this little island and it is your job to take them down anyway you see fit!

From mini-guns to a void weapon and tons of different grenades in-between the agency has you covered. Want a new vehicle? Just take one. Throw some around if you like it but the best way to get around this city is by using your agility. By upgrading your agent through the collection of orbs and doing missions you will slowly become beefed up. Soon you will find yourself double jumping and double dashing around from rooftop to rooftop getting to destinations faster than the open road.

Don’t be fooled by first impressions. Crackdown 3 is a game that deserves to be played all the way through and maybe more than once. The game becomes a lot of fun once your agility increases. I was even able to go back into the game and play co-op with a friend and keep my agent with all his stats. My world did get over-written by my friends world even though I chose a different world save slot so you may want to make sure you at least beat the game first unless you don’t care about losing your save before joining a friend or inviting one. Losing a world save does not affect your agent save stats as it seems to be saved separately.

First Impressions:

My first initial impression was that I felt the game was mediocre due to the fact I felt like there could have been a lot more detail in the world. Some of the buildings seem really bland, the rock terrain looks plain and the highways lack a lot of signs, feel too smooth and sometimes feel like the roads go nowhere. In my opinion I think some of the cars could have been designed better with more variety as you see the same models over and over.

Building feels bare and bland.

The surrounding background environment doesn’t really stand out and make anything pop with the exception of night life, neon signs in bigger districts and voices from the crowds or enemies. You will come across shanty towns and districts where it does feel alive with civilians and dance floors, small traffic congestions and background noise.

I was surprised to find a side mission blowing up Monkey Barrel stands and thought this was a great addition to the main story. I did have difficulty coming across all the locations even as I pass them because for some reason it didn’t always pin them on the map but this happened with main objects in the game like propaganda towers as well.

Crackdown 3 does feel repetitive in many areas. Every main objective that you have to destroy and take down is the same every single time. For example every metro station is the same, every chimera pipeline has the same objectives and so on. The more destruction you cause doing these missions the more enemies that will come after you raising your threat level. Eventually when you destroy enough of one side mission it will lead you to the boss over that objective. The agency indicates the more bosses you take down the more Terranova’s defenses go down but it sure didn’t feel like that. I still had flying drones after me when I took down a boss and was told the skies would be clear.

Fun Factor:

So where does the fun factor come in? The fun factor of this game comes in when your agent becomes equivalent to a superhero where you can dash far and jump high and cut through enemies in a breeze allowing you to cause massive chains of explosions leveling up your character even more. Even though the objectives were repetitive it felt like a smooth ingredient in Crackdown 3 because the game play was clear on what you had to do to get the job done.

Going through a boss tower felt like a chore the first time but as I got the hang of it I started to enjoy wiping waves of enemies getting to the boss. The boss commentary between themselves and Terranova was quite comical. The cut scenes even added great comic book style art and paneling between various missions. It was quite a relaxing ride to get to the end game. I went back into the game several times after beating it to earn more achievements that I missed the first time around and to complete additional objectives. I may not be a super fan of the Crackdown series but if another Crackdown comes out I will be sure to play it.

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